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Sales manager
  • Responsibility
    1. Deeply understand the company's business development and market strategy, promote and utilize company resources to find and explore high-quality cooperation channels and target customers, customize and implement channel expansion and business promotion plans
    2. Deeply explore the needs of target customers, conduct competitive analysis, compare the advantages and selling points of the company's products, and facilitate cooperation with customers
    3. Responsible for the overall construction project of smart classrooms and training rooms in universities, or the sales of audio, sports, and aesthetic education functional classrooms, physical, chemical and biological laboratory projects in newly built schools, or other business sectors of the company
    4. Identify, evaluate, and promote the company's products or solutions to partners or target customers through demonstrations and demonstrations.
  • Requirement
    1. Full time 985 and 211 unified enrollment with a bachelor's degree or above is preferred
    2. Capable of effectively identifying, mining, and guiding customer needs, with good resource coordination and customer communication skills
    3. At least 3 years of working experience as a marketing, sales or product manager in the Internet industry, software industry, education industry
    4. Having a certain level of IT basic knowledge, good logical thinking ability, and excellent customer communication and relationship building skills
    5. Having positive, diligent, persistent, and down-to-earth qualities.
Structural Design Engineer
  • Responsibility
    1. Participate in the product structure design of the R&D department, conduct 3D modeling and design output
    2. Responsible for drafting and submitting product production BOMs such as product drawings and parts lists
    3. Responsible for designing and manufacturing the appearance, craftsmanship, structure, and other aspects of new products according to project requirements
    4. Guide the workshop to assemble samples, issue relevant guidance documents, and continuously improve.
  • Requirement
    1. College degree or above in mechanical engineering, with a requirement of at least 1 year of experience in mechanical structure design
    2. Familiar with plastic component design, understand the principles of plastic component structural design and related molding processes, as well as mold structure; Understand machining processes
    3. Familiar with sheet metal product design, proficient in production processing and flow process technology, able to independently design drawings and produce unfolding drawings
    4. Proficient in using UG/Solidworks/Pro/E 3D modeling, AutoCAD 2D engineering drawings, and exploded views
    5. Good at thinking and independently solving problems, strong hands-on ability, able to independently assemble products; Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills, humble and down-to-earth.
Engineering Implementation Engineer
  • Responsibility
    1. According to the unified deployment of the company, responsible for the organization and management of engineering projects, clarifying the goals of engineering quality, progress, cost, safety and civilization
    2. Responsible for project management, clarifying personnel structure and responsibilities, and responsible for the establishment of the project department
    3. Organize labor arrangements for engineering projects and participate in material approval for engineering projects
    4. According to the overall arrangement of the company, responsible for approving the responsibility letter for quality, progress, cost, and safety and civilization management objectives of engineering projects, and responsible for inspection and supervision
    5. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with various units and departments within and outside the company during the implementation of various projects
    6. Carry out daily management of engineering management
    7. Organize engineering inspections, various activities, and on-site observation meetings
    8. Supervise and manage daily work related to project quality, safety, civilized construction, and progress in the company.
  • Requirement
    1. Major in computer software, with a college degree or above, and at least one year of experience in software system implementation
    2. Proficient in mastering IT related basic knowledge, system functions, configurations, and operations such as computers, networks, and databases
    3. Strong interpersonal communication and team collaboration skills
    4. Capable of driving and accepting assignments to work at Binjiang Software Company
    5. Solid personality, sincere attitude, willing to accept overtime, able to handle work pressure, and able to adapt to frequent business trips.
Mechanical Processing Business Manager
  • Responsibility
    1. Develop new customers and be responsible for outsourcing and outsourcing sheet metal, woodworking, and spray molding services
    2. Responsible for developing customer channels and collecting information, organizing reviews
    3. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with customers regarding issues related to product prices, payments, delivery times, delivery quantities, etc
    4. Follow up on internal production progress to ensure quality and quantity delivery of orders
    5. Establish long-term and good cooperative relationships with customers.
  • Requirement
    1. College degree or above, regardless of gender
    2. More than 3 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, with priority given to mechanical and machining experience
    3. Good communication and understanding skills, proactive, meticulous and serious, with a strong sense of service
    4. Responsible and able to withstand significant work pressure.
If interested, please send your resume to email: Ms. Xiao