Maijie-All In One Smart Whiteboard
Nine functions in one, creating the smart whiteboard solution
Let multimedia classroom be more simple and smart
Maijie-All In One Teaching System
Seven functions in one, creating the movable classroom
Let multimedia classroom be more free
Maijie-Smart Controller
Smart and simple, controlled by one hand
Be suit for multimedia classrooms with combining functions
Maijie-Visual Presenter
Watching document and picture in detail
Creating efficient lesson plans quick and easy
Maijie-Multimedia Speaker
Hearing the sound loud and clear
Be suit for multimedia classrooms within 100 square meters
Maijie-Matching Products
Whiteboard/ Projector/ TV Screen Bracket
Little bracket holding big screen, has worldwide sales
Professionally create multimedia classroom solutions
With the corporate vision of “making multimedia classrooms simpler and smarter”, Maijie has rooted in every detail with an interactive whiteboard....
About Maijie
Maijie Education Tech
Hangzhou Maijie Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City. It is a national key supporting high-tech enterprise......
Video display
Advocating ingenuity and pursuing excellence
Make multimedia classrooms more simple and smart!
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